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It would be MY pleasure to share and publish everything about lowrider bikes world, especially something that can increase your knowledge about this hobby. There were so many ways we are to get skilled, the one and only is competition. If you are bikers, then you must join this event, it’s fine if we lose on it, but to let you know that you will gain a great experience on losing. You will see other bikes from other area from yours. That is one of the key to be skilled in this hobby. So don’t let your guards down because right here I brought you profile of a girl who won the contest, let’s check what she got.

One day my daughter asked my husband for a lowrider trike and because she’s a great kid with good grades her dad put together a trike real quick that she counld ride and feel good about. this is it

Lowrider bikes trikes
Lowrider bikes trikes

Then after winning best in show 1st and 2nd in a few shows she came up to her dad and said that she didn’t want to ride it anymore so that maybe they could make it look more show. Her dad said only if she got a really good report card. Well I’m proud to say she came home with All A’s

I just thought while reading some articles on forum about a girl who has born with a good grade. She really had a good taste in how to treat lowrider bikes trike. She’s not a specialization, but she and her dad made it to win. The Idea was originally come from Lina and then put it together with her dad’s knowledge on making a lowrider trike. You will see how tough they start working on frame and other parts that will be formed into a lowrider bikes trikes. So here are the pictures I provide while they were making one.

Lowrider bikes trikesThere you go, this part is showing you the first time this trakit was made, as you can see that on the back area the creator must burrow it and then to fill accesories such as mini tv, double speaker and cd player. Making it smoothly to make it easies when it comes for painting it or add different variations on this part.

Painting frames

Lowrider bikes trikesLowrider bikes trikesLowrider bikes trikes

Air Brush

Lowrider bikes trikesHere’s the frist result when they finished the first brushing, it still looks pale and need more color to make it scary and coller, I really don’t like such image, it’s just make me sick but it’s ok as long as I don’t see it in midnight that will be horible. I forget to tell you she’s not your everyday little girl. She Loves scary movies and pickes her dad’s fav to be on the trike.

Not Done Yet

Lowrider bikes trikes
Lowrider bikes trikes
LowriderNot only air brush that dominating the body, but it also pimped with accesories like mini tv and sound system, just like a car interior it was so elite bike to know that there were many item we met right on this bike. I just cant relate how did they pull the tape inside the track it must be hard to do, it was an experts job. They’re not done but just thought it would be cool to show how far they’ve gotten.

Lina’s on top of the world?

Lowrider bikes trikesLina was having her time taking pictures to memorying this great moment. Well I think she deserved to it, we saw that they try hard to make such beautiful trike. Becoming nomber one in in its category is another story and it was meant alot to her dad and her dreams.

Lowrider bikes trikes
Here is another style of her taking a photo before her trike and being the 1st winner in show out section, now that she’s being the one who can take pride in especially her mother.

Lowrider bikes trikes
Lowrider bikes trikes
All pictures are taking from http://www.layitlow.com


Written by qtechmaria

September 24, 2009 at 4:43 am

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  1. sick


    April 9, 2010 at 7:49 am

  2. DAM!!! that bike is pimpin


    December 24, 2010 at 12:13 am

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