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Lubricant Oil – Treatment for your bike

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This oil used to give the parts metal treatment on the bike, it also helps the part metal long life. The lubricating is decreasing the friction of metals. If you let it be, then your part will arise hot on its area and the worst section it will be broken, so that’s why you need to tend that warnings to avoid damage, and the lubricant is also tend of stains.

Lubricant OilBuy Good Quality Lubricant – The Lubricant oil can be had in several bikes store so you may pick up you use to. One thing you may pay attention, you must get the lubricant that has a good mark and tested product. The oils must water-proof to avoid the water mix with oil, the oil doesn’t make the dust cling, the oil has long lubricating, when you come to the store just look into the can, seek the label “waterproof lubricant”.

Part that need to be oiled
Lubricant Oil for lowrider bikesClean all the parts that will be oiled form dust or something cling on the area one by one. Why? Because it can help the metal smooth without dust and junk. Now you are free to oiled the parts, and remember the main treatment that you are to do it regularly.


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November 14, 2009 at 8:17 am

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