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Giant Stiletto The Lowrider bike

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With their original design and streetwise style, chopper bikes have become one of the most exciting trends in bicycles today. Choppers are a serious fashion statement, generally associated with urban culture, although their retro style appeals to both the young and old. Choppers give riders the opportunity to express their individuality while also providing a comfortable, relaxing ride. They have become so popular lately that they have been adopted as a way of life for some who join clubs to customize, create, and ride their elaborate creations.

Chopper bikes were first seen in California in the beginning of the 60s. Teenagers began imitating popular customized motorbikes that had been “chopped”, or put together with parts from several different bikes, for a unique look. Schwinn were the first large bicycle manufacturers to notice this new style and started producing it for mass consumption. In 1963 they introduced their extremely popular Stingray model, which spawned many copies and secured the chopper a place in design and cultural history.

Today chopper bikes are here again, brought about by the popularity of retro styles and the desire to return back to simpler bicycle styles after the long era of complexly designed mountain bikes. Raleigh, who were one of the first companies to start producing choppers, have introduced a new design that is taking a new generation by storm and introducing them to the phenomenon of chopper bikes. Fans are also building their own choppers, often from the scratch, and customizing them in every way imaginable in order to make the ultimate expression of individuality. These customized bikes sport upholstery, specialized paint jobs, and ornamental components, all of which serve to turn the chopper into a work of art.

Giant Stiletto The Lowrider bike

For anyone who is new to choppers, there are lots of different styles to suit every budget. So you can go right ahead and get yourself that Chopper that you have been eyeing for sometime. No matter how small your budget is, you can and will find some thing to make a go for. If you are looking to buy a chopper you can choose from the many ready made models (which you can then customize yourself with special components and accessories) or you can have one built from scratch, to your exact specifications. While custom design are more expensive, they allow you to design your bike just the way you like it and ensure that your bicycle fits you exactly, providing you with many years of fun riding, seeing, and of course being seen.

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January 2, 2010 at 4:42 am

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  1. still got it! (top photo)

    James Moore

    March 13, 2017 at 10:43 pm

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