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Three Wheels from Thee Artistic

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Three Wheels from Thee ArtisticThee Artistic is one of the several low-rider bike club that often brings their members to the top of their happiness, competing with others club that bring lot of great art toward the bikes. Three wheels is great option to gain more attention, it’s a bit different from the former release. It has a unique shape and having three wheels to buffer the main frame and the rider, you will be suggest to fill the back side of the bike. People usually place something right there behind the seat, it’s uniquely can be something fun not too heavy as strong as the frame able to restrain it. You also can put double sound speaker or Mini Mobile TV, by making the frame, I can say this is very standard, no custom parts, coz it’s not that easy to set it up to custom part. Custom parts only used when the event or something like oppointment to invite the competitions.

Three Wheels from Thee Artistic~Thee Artistic – Blue~

Three Wheels from Thee Artistic~Thee Artistic – Black~

Written by qtechmaria

March 10, 2010 at 2:56 pm

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