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The Indonesian High-Rider

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The Indonesian High-Rider
Took from http://www.sepedaku.com
This is what we call a high-rider, I do not quite understand when starting to get the idea to make a bike this high. Bike to ignore the security level for the user, automatically this kind of bike only be used by people who are skilled and ready to accept the risk worst possibility. As shown in the picture they seem not so scared driving it to look good, for me this is not too strange things but this really happened. In Indonesia a bike like this being trend they call it creativity. Although slightly different look bicycles in general as standard Low-rider, cruiser, custom, from many company maker, Electra, Schwinn, etc. This bike is still cool and occupies a position not unlike that of other Low-rider bike enthusiasts.
The Indonesian High-Rider
Took from http://www.sepedaku.com
Construction of the high-rider was essentially the same as that Low-rider bikes we’ve seen in the city, only the difference in the handler, the frame, and crank kit. These 3 components you must take in order to achieve comfort while driving. Because you will duel with the forces of gravity the more weight while you’re at altitude, you may not feel it, but the device you are holding construction. Other components that do not forget are the use of a small chain length, and the cable that connects to the tire handler bicycle brakes.

Technically, the basic construction consists of a bicycle frame as buffer of components attached to this frame. Another case with low-rider, a high-rider bicycle is mostly designed using a double-frame as shown in the picture, which looks really two frames. There also use a frame depends on the designer.

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March 28, 2010 at 2:55 am

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