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Schwinn 2010 Classic 7 Deluxe for women

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Schwinn is a bicycle manufacturer, which a lot of interest among many. This has been proven that the manufacturer issued a product with the many versions of the bike for children, teens and parents.

I found this bike at a bicycle users’ meeting, this event is a gathering of various bicycle enthusiasts. so many of them follow this event, and seen so many people who use their bikes whether it is a low-rider, a high-rider, bike manufacturers such as Electra, and of various existing bikes that make my eyes too pull this bike is a Schwinn.

This bike has a type 2010 Classic 7 Deluxe for women, the color looks very comfortable on the eyes. Not only that the owner is also really caring for this bike properly. Seen that at every point of this bike looks very shiny. Schwinn bikes seemed to produce only two types of green and black and priced $ 649.99, a very reasonable price for beautiful Schwinn bicycle.

Written by qtechmaria

April 1, 2010 at 9:38 am

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