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Kid Bikes

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kid bikes

As seen above is the bike for a child who has been rarely found in the market, you should try hard to find it. Usually the bikes that have a high historical value, I mean that was a rare bike you got to look at someone who has a hobby of collecting old bikes, they called them bone-collectors, indeed if you are lucky then you will get the goods you look like a lowrider bikes of these children.

A little explanation on the picture, the first bike looks very clean at all right?, Of course, because the owners really care for this bike, especially when the event which was held this very prestigious, no wonder every participant wanted to win this competition. Using whitewall tires sized approximately 16 “, I think is pretty cool if balanced by a tiny white frame, a seat he was using a red banana seat that looks very soft.

kid bikes

Now that this bike became my fascination, because for some reason suddenly arise feel like to have, his frame looks very special, no one else, because his owner brought from the famous Schwinn bicycle manufacturer, with its bright purple color and makes me calm increasingly want to touch it. Using a banana seat and the tires are standard 20 “.

kid bikes

This one is equally not much different from the purple, both use frames from Schwinn bicycle or rather this is a Classic Schwinn Stingray that the resulting re-polish the appearance of a clear and ready for the contest.

Written by qtechmaria

April 5, 2010 at 2:27 pm

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