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Changing v-brake into discbrake

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Cursory look is not difficult to change the brakes with v-brake model becomes a disc-brake. However, we must be cautious and prepare for everything associated with the changes. For convenience, before changing the brake system of the v-brake into the disc-brake must consider several things below :
  • Is the hub / free-hub is compatible to your bike disk-brake system? If it is, your bike is ready to be attached a disc-brake (6 Bolts / center-lock) then the disc-brake installation does not cause difficulty. However if the hub / free-hub parallax rotor can not be fitted, then you should get ready to replace its hub and free-hub. To replace it must also consider the number of holes / hole rims / wheels your bike, so it will be the same number (eg 36 h, 32 h). You must also consider the rotor to be used (center-lock or 6 Bolts). 
  • Have you prepared a new brake cable? With the change of the v-brake to disc-brake surely there must be its replacement brake cable (for disc-brake mechanical). This is because his brake cable length increases. While for his disc-brake hydraulic hose is usually made up one with his disc-brake. 
  • Is the frame / fork of his support for brakes fitted with disc-brake system? For some types of fork and a specific frames, can not use disc-brake. This is because it has no disc-brake holder, so as to frame it. Possible solutions to replace the fork and pair disc-brake adapter (one of his model: AZ adapter). 
  • Brake lever will have to adjust when using hydraulic disc-brake. When fused with the brake lever shifters will need to replace the shifter / brake lever.

Thus a little explanation for the replacement of v-brake into disc-brake, sorry I can’t provide you the step-by-step pictures guide.


Written by qtechmaria

April 18, 2010 at 1:46 am

Posted in How To, Tips

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