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Suggested tools for Newbies, for custom builds or restorations!

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I just wanted to post a list of tools to help others get started making there own bikes or working on their own bikes. I had no tools when I started so I had to do a lot of shopping and this list is a lot of what I picked up. You may or may not need these tools to make a bike but all will help in some way.

Do not feel like you need all these tools to start you really do not! you just need a couple of tools like a good Angle Grinder and a Welder! but more tools never hurt anyone!

Safety comes first I would not skip anything in this list!


* Safety Goggle/Face Shield
* Work Gloves
* Welding Helmet (Auto-Darkening is a plus)
* Welding Gloves
* Ear Protection for high noise

Basic things you will need for your Angle Grinder. Many people recommend having more then one Angle Grinder so you will not have to keep changing your discs all the time. If you can pick them up cheap I would get at lest two.

[Angle Grinder]

* Heavy Duty 4-1/2″ Angle Grinder
* Grinding Wheels for Metal
* Cut-off Wheels for Metal
* 60 Grit Flap Discs

A good drill helps to drill all them holes you will need!


* 1/2″ Heavy Duty Drill
* Drill Bits for metal up to 1/2 inch

you will need to pick a welder based on how you want to weld there are so many options out there I recommend searching the forums for more information on welding before you go out and buy one.


* 80 Amp Inverter Arc Welder/90 Amp Flux Wire Welder (Welder is your choose look around the forums for more information)
* Welding Helmet (Auto-Darkening is a plus)
* Welding Gloves
* Straight Chipping Hammer
* Wire Stainless Steel Brush
* 6013 Welding Rod (If using a stick welder)

Bike tools to help you take a part bikes and put them back together.

[Bike Tools]

* Spoke Wrench
* Chain Tool
* Tire Levers
* Crank Tool
* Cassette Tool

Other tools all optional but they all have there uses.

[Other Tools] (Optional)

* Adjustable Wrenchs
* Metric/SAE Wrench Sets
* Ratchet Set
* Screw Drivers
* Hex Wrench Set
* Ball Pen Hammers
* Hacksaw
* 4″ Swivel Vice or larger
* Vice Grips
* Clamps
* Round Metal File
* Tape Measure
* Muli-Square
* Angle Square

I hope someone finds this helpful.
Peace Crazy Horse!

Thanks to all the people who have helped & continue to help me figure out what I would need!


Written by qtechmaria

June 13, 2010 at 1:45 pm

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