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Cool Equipments For Your Bike

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It a good thing you complement your bike with something that will be needed when you ride a bike. Many things happen when we would ride a bike, let’s say want to bring a book, when it rains, bringing drinks etc.. So things like this that should be noted to gain comfortable when biking. Consider what will you need when riding a bike, let’s take a look :

1. Frame Bag
This bag is compatible with any form of the classic bicycle frame, horizontal shape and can be contained even up to A4 paper size of a laptop. See more info.

2. iPhone Bike Mount
Simplify your self when it goes to ride, do not make cycling to limit your personal life“, well I think this is an appropriate slogan for the picture below. GoRide simplify your iPhone to be attached on the bike, and I assume that you put it on a smooth road. [info]

3. Bottle Clip
Very simple bottle holder can be placed on the frame front and on any bike, can be screwed directly into the clip. [info]

4. Coffee Cup Holder
For connoisseurs of coffee in the morning or evening, these tools must be owned, named Ring-O-cup Coffe Star bicycle was created by Paul Kweton, this same tool that supports the glass of coffee or tea on the right handler, is very practical and easy to do. [info]

5. Bike Cargo Trailer
Trailer is easy to carry anywhere, even when you want to lead your bike. This trailer is attached to your bicycle seat. [info]

6. Air Pump Bike Light
PUYL is a bicycle pump and portable light combined in one device. [info]

7. Book Holder
Suitable for all terrain, and very practical when used, simply place your book in the buffer, and done.[info]

 8. Bicycle iPod Speaker
Protable speaker systems that can be connected with your ipod, wherever you ride is always comfortable to listen to music.[link]

9. Wooden Handlebar
Workerman handlebars are all handcrafted out of quality hardwood. [info]

10. Wheel Display System
MonkeyLectrics allows you to display many image on your bicycle rim, many people who wear this at night, now your turn. [info]

11. Bike Porter
Styllish basket and directly attached to the bike handler. [info]

12. Umbrella Mount
As an umbrella function is the simple method used to escape the rain, it’s a drybike mount the name of its tool. [infos]


Written by qtechmaria

September 5, 2010 at 4:10 am

Posted in bike accessories, Tips

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