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How to build Lowrider bike

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Build a lowrider bike from prefabricated parts is very easy, many websites that the necessary parts to build the foundation of bikes, starting from frames, sprockets and other necessary things. With enough budget you can look at the ads on the internet or forums, had a likely look for places that you can see first hand the condition of the goods, can be bone-collectors, back alleys, and dumpsters junkyards. Building a bike itself is more challenging than buying. Your bike will be looking custom and will clearly look different with the bike manufacturer, so this could increase the attraction of people to our bikes.

  Things that you will need are parts and basic hand tools  

  1. You need to create the plan very carefully, because you’ve spent money to buy the equipment you need, and you certainly do not spend a little money for this project. “If my friend can, why can’t I? that’s what you should believe. Confidence will only produces a rich effect on the final result. Draw a bike that you will build up clearly.
  2. Finding the Frame that matches to the theme bikes, no matter how you like the frame badly, but if no suitable and fitting then that part can not be used. Precisely bike frame for kids are very nice and suitable. You can find frames in places like Thrift or junkyards.
  3. Build your front-end assembly. This includes the fork, the front wheels and steering wheel. Your bike will start to see new. Find a bicycle fork length in a larger size. The cart is an excellent source of sharp, small front wheels. Junkyards have ape hanger handlebars of motorcycles and cars old bicycle.
  4. Mount the rear wheels and chains. Looking for tires, large frame return you to the proper width. Once you mount the seat, you have a lowrider practicable.
  5. Select your peripherals. Turn the lever on the handlebars and banana seat assembly. Matching the color is beautiful. Now, compare the special touches to your bike stand out like a sissy bar, bell, lights, steering wheel chain antenna, and mud flag. Remember the rear fender, if you plan to ride in the rain.

  I hope i can provide this instruction with step-by-step picture next post, good luck. 


    Written by qtechmaria

    October 10, 2010 at 3:17 am

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