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12 Unique Bicycles

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Skeleton Bicycle for Halloween

I saw it on internet about 2 moths ago, I thought it’s a replica, but come closer that the bicycle is quit real and scary enough to bring terror hahaha, it’s designed by Eric Tryon. source

12 unique bicycle

It’s a really interesting design, the technology was out couple years ago, but the design is coming out by it creator and now the manufacturer Electrobike is called Pi Cycle here comes the video, source

Bamboo Bicycle

12 unique bicycle

Never heard this name, it sounds odd but it’s exist, source

Hula Bike
12 unique bicycle

Instead of a conventional drivetrain, the HulaBike uses an eccentrically laced rear wheel. Because the hub is offset from the centre of the rim, the bike can be propelled by hopping up and down with the right rhythm. source

Water Bike
12 unique bicycle

Now people got an alternative about how to explore the ocean, not the whole ocean, but it exactly the right vehicle to traveling around the land  like Bali, Hawai and more, it’s pretty fast on water. source

Totally Circle Bicycle
12 unique bicycle

12 unique bicycle

Couch Bike
12 unique bicycle

Bicycle With a Roof
12 unique bicycle

Hubless Bicycle

Transportation Bicycle
12 unique bicycle

Written by qtechmaria

November 5, 2010 at 12:41 pm

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