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Some Unique and Creative Bicycle

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Hey guys, long time no posting it’s quite troublesome to do two jobs at once, I have to work normally like others and I also have responsibility to maintain this blog, well not too important though but I just want to, ok so this is the first post after about a month the blog isn’t active.

Shoes Bicycle
Well this is may be you guys known it before, I just share and make it easy for my visitor to get informed this picture, I think I’m gonna smile seeing this bike is so well made, I found it on this, so if you wanna see more about this bike just drop by on there, here it is.

Shoes Bicycle

Grocery Box
Technically, the bike is designed to made us easy while bringing the gears or groceries to home, and it explained us that the box is placed right in the middle between your pedals, and it clings on the frame body, easy enough and faster drop to your home, here you’ll got more info about this bike.

bicycle with Grocery Box

Snow Sweeper Bicycle
This is what I call brilliant asshole, it is because of this guy made it easy how to clean the snow that bugging him all the way. Using three wheels bike to strengthen and to make the rider stay balance, I love this idea useful and can be share to others, check out the details.

Circular Bike
Wow, this come another unique bike, so the bike can be can be dismantled and reassembled. What a man, creating such bike, so you can bring it to the center of town and start attracting people who see it, read it more on the maker’s official blog.



Written by qtechmaria

January 21, 2011 at 11:41 am

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