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Cruiser bicycles on Pocari Sweat Ads

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Well I don’t actually know about the video, but if we see the video accurately you will find something cool right there. Yeah I am talking about the bicycles that they ride, the bikes are very suitable for the girls and they look totally enjoy riding it. It’s true that the bike like this is very girly even people said that cruiser bicycles only for women lol, I just want to say that this video is amazing the girls too, In fact I thought the models are from Sakura Country I just judged it from the back sound and the face, but it’s wrong they’re from Indonesian, her name is Aelke Mariska, I bring you her pics right here.


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May 21, 2011 at 6:02 am

How to Buy a Beach Cruiser Bicycle

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Girls 20Beach cruiser bicycle is the perfect bike to ride with ease. Bicycles are designed to allow the rider to sit more upright, without having to lean forward toward the handlebar, which greatly reduces the stress on your lower back. Bicycles are not made to be driven at high-speed, this bike is a bike that can be enjoyed.

Single Speed or Multi Speed?
One of the first things to consider is where will you ride the bike, and what type of area will you meet? If you will be on flat terrain and on the sand lots, with no desire to drive very fast for long periods of time, we will suggest a single-speed cruiser. It is very simple, and has a basis for stopping coaster brake. Since there is no teeth to move, there are not many opportunities for sand can cause problems on the way up on the beach. This is the type of bike you can ride and ride, without ever thinking about shifting gears.

How to Buy a Beach Cruiser Bicycle

For those of you in the hilly terrain, or if you need to drive long distances, you might want to consider some speed bicycle. Most of the cruiser bike with some gears have between three and seven speeds. Basically, the more gears, the more options you have to pedal efficiently. At the speed of three, you will have a low speed, medium and high. If you go up into the hills and has a hard time paddling, you can move to a lower gear, so it’s easier pedaling. The same thing applies when you are pedaling very easily and want to go faster, shift into top gear and the resistance will increase, but you will get more “bang on your feet” so to speak. A six-or seven-speed bike operates in much the same way and have the possibility of even more. Most of the cruiser bike we carry have the shifter panel, which means the shift mechanism is part of the section in the palm of the hand, and all you do is twist the grip to switch speeds.

Aluminum or Steel?
Where you live can play an important role in selecting the type of bike that will suit you best. If you are near the coast, where the salty ocean air rolls in, you may want to consider a bike with aluminum because aluminum is more resistant to rust than steel. Steel frame is slightly heavier than aluminum, but traditionally provide a little smoother ride than aluminum because of stiffness aluminum. If your bike will be kept outside most of the time, and you’re near the ocean, we would recommend a bike with aluminum rims with alloy.

Rims either steel or alloy (aluminum). Aluminum rims provide a better braking surface, especially when wet than steel, and stainless steel grille gives good strength. The rims also mix a little lighter and more resistant on rust than steel. You will find that there is more aluminum on the bike, the higher the price will occur, as the alloy material is more expensive than steel. For bicycle with coaster brakes, and no handbrakes, alloy steel braking surface vs. will not apply.

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May 21, 2011 at 1:29 am

Fashionable Beach Cruiser Bicycles – Limited Edition

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Fashionable Beach Cruiser Bicycles - Limited EditionDo you know that now lowrider being in the eye of people in the world, rising from Chicano culture the lowrider has its name after some of commercial activity involving to a liberal art that had birth in the past. Lowrider is in its edge when people start taking advantage some other. As you can see that what I saw you above are pictures of lowrider bike that being shown off on the cat walk just by its rider. The model holding the steer and riding on the catwalk by wearing a niche dress that also being shown off too. Some of famous designers present something different by taking his dressing production to connect with the suitable ride like lowrider, Cynthia Rowley and Rlitahari two of six designers that come their clothing fused with cruiser.Fashionable Beach Cruiser Bicycles - Limited EditionEltahari is working together to a bicycle designer Phat Cycles California for supporting the new clothing that Eltahari will show and not the Phat Cycles is offered to produce the limited summer edition bicycle 2009 by WWD. Eltahari give it $900 for the kind of bike and he also put it a logo in its chain and handles bar and giving it brown on its seat. This is splendid I guess, you may now seek them at store because it’s limited edition.

Fashionable Beach Cruiser Bicycles - Limited Edition

Fashionable Beach Cruiser Bicycles - Limited Edition
However, Cyntia Rowley brings it the beautiful beach cruiser rowley making it green and white and little flowers spreading around the bike making it looks natural. She gave it a brown leather seat and it will be cost about $900, this is a worthy price to own such a splendid ride.

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September 7, 2009 at 6:51 am

Riding a cruiser bike at beach with Lindsay Lohan

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beach cruiser bikes
Lindsay Dee Lohan is an actress famous and regarded as one of the most talented among the children. He is also a pop music singer. Lohan began her career as a child model in show business for magazine ads and television commercials. That’s the soap opera where he began working at the age of only ten. When he was eleven he had his debut film by performing in the roles of both twins in the remake of The Parent Trap from Disney in 1998. However, the point in his life turn
ing cam when he acted in the movie Mean Girls in 2004 as a leading actress. This film is largely responsible for getting the media spotlight on her professional and personal life that includes her life in the wild disc and parents’ marital and legal struggles.

Lindsay Lohan beach cruiser bikes
As you can see on the picture i provide above that Lindsay Lohan is riding her chopper trackit after she rent it on a local bike rental, the bike shop doesn’t look like selling a bike because it seems there were a bunch of people around the beach had it perfectly. They were taking a different one with another somehow the rental only rent out a beach cruiser bikes that are very suitable for riding in coastal area.

beach cruiser bikes lowrider
And now she rides it slowly along the way of her destination, she must be enjoy scenery of its wide beach of Venice California by taking her favorite glasses she felt perfectly went around the beach. You know what she loves to spend to ride with her best friends she used the spare time after having a long-long casting to hang around to clear her mind and taking more fresh air in beach location.

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August 31, 2009 at 1:10 pm

Beach cruiser chopper bikes

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Beach cruiser chopper bikes
This dude language is still enjoying the day by riding along the beach street, with a can of beer he can make people stare at him once he passed away. I know how the feel to be in a good mood such it. His chopper quite something, and he’s updated the frames by adding chrome in it. Riding it at the beach is a bigger chance to attract girls. I know around the location must be a groups of lowrider bikes, because of the beach they are around.

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July 26, 2009 at 6:04 am