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Erroneous myths about biking to work

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1. Riding a bike is too dangerous
Indeed there are clear risks on using bicycles as transportation. Often cyclists collide or was hit by another vehicle. But how dangerous cycling when compared with other modes of transportation? There is an interesting fact you may not realize it.

A consulting firm called Exponent (formerly known as Failure Group) have been doing security testing, risk of accidents and to investigate various forms of activities which they outlined a number of danger. The result, they assert that the hazard rate per million hours are 0:26 to ongoing activity of cycling activities, 0:47 to drive a car, 1:53 for ‘life “(all-cause natural death), and 8.80 for motorcycles. With other words, their findings stating that the risk incurred when the bike is only half the risk of driving a car, even just one-sixth only of the risks that occur when we are ‘still alive’.

Perhaps the above figures merely numbers, may have been wrong in predicting the risk of a person salvation. Another study showed that the fatality rate from accidents involving cyclists were 11 times worse than the passengers in the car every mile of travel. Figures for pedestrians is much greater, about 36 times compared to driving a car.

What can we learn from these studies that we can minimize the fatality that may occur. Using the patron’s head and hands, using bicycle lights at night, giving a clear visual signal when changing direction and ride a bike in the appropriate lane (extreme left) will increase the security level in cycling. If we apply the same as other road users, ie obey the traffic rules, we achieve the level of security will be significant.

2. Distance of the workplace is too far to be traveled by bicycle.
 Well, if the home and office is more than 20 km might be consuming too much time and energy. However many ways to manage. Determine the distance you can travel by bike, and use of public facilities into the site, called mix commuting. Now you can also use a folding bicycle which can be combined with other transportation modes.

3. To B2W (Bike To Work) I would need the expensive bike

Big wrong. You should be able to get a new or used bikes suitable for commuting to fund $90 even less. Find local bicycle shop with a friendly and understanding seller commuter cycling events, or ask friends who have a longer cycle to the workplace. Describe the condition of the road you will pass and travel distance, they will help choose the appropriate bike. Do not get stuck buying an expensive simply because of their prestige. Eric Doyne, Public Relation Shimano bicycle had stated that “lifestyle”, which is designed for everyday and for casual cyclists are the biggest markets with the highest growth for the current bicycle industry, when compared with top-class racing bike or mountainbike the was devoted to the hobbyist.

If you just started B2W, look for a functional bike as a commuter bike has fenders to protect your clothes from dirt, beside the standard and the saddle is comfortable to sit on.

4. Cycling can not carry things that I need

Means you are truly mistaken. Or you use the wrong bike and bags. Pannier bags and baskets are nice bikes, trunk and many more accessories can be added to facilitate you bring the goods: a laptop, change of clothes, lunch boxes, some books, folders, and any gadget that you normally carry. Look at the following example of a bicycle or this bag if you are still in doubt.

Erroneous myths about biking to work

5. When arriving at the office, we’ll creased and body odor
If this you are worried about, please immediately take a bath after arriving at work. If there is no bathroom in your office or activity is not accommodate either a shower, wash up in other places around your office. As an alternative, you can use wet wipes or baby wipes. No more odor!

6. Cycling causes impotence in men?
Indeed there are instances where serious cyclists can experience temporary erectile dysfunction permanent even if sitting for hours in the saddle racing is not appropriate. Yet such has been widely used saddle is equipped with an ergonomically designed line so as not to place pressure on the artery and nerve genitalia. If you are still afraid, there is also a saddle without a ‘nose’. Over the saddle you use the right and appropriate, and you do not train as hard as athletes Tour de France, cycling actually reduce the chances of erectile dysfunction compared to the accusations as the cause. Cycling will make heart disease (the leading cause of erectile dysfunction) away from us.


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August 27, 2010 at 2:20 pm

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