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Jonas Brothers’ having agreat time with their chrome and basement bike

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Jonas Brothers' having agreat time with their chrome and basement  bike
Three very popular and very talented brothers have made their way in the lives of twins, and there was no sign of them slowing down any time soon. While mainstream audiences and fans probably never heard of the Jonas Brothers much before 2006, when they debuted their first CD “It’s About Time”, these three brothers actually had a long list of accomplishments of their credit. Recognition of their main twins came when their single “Year 3000” played on the Disney Channel. In fact, they have a regular place on the Disney Channel, which displays a variety of music videos of this singing sensation. They also appeared at events such as Hannah Montana and competed in the Disney Channel games during the summer of 2007, which seemed to help skyrocket their musical career further. And in 2008 the Jonas Brothers will launch their own television series on the Disney Channel called, JONAS (Junior Operatives Networking As Spies).

Jonas Brothers' having agreat time with their chrome and basement  bike
This guy is looking younger when he took a walk with his bike. Never thought that he’s gonna in a blue boy, I mean he love blue you know. The basement lowrider he got is very cool but it doesn’t look like scarce stuff who knows the bike’s frame is made from titanium until it can take shape and light lol, it’s impossible for us but there will be nothing for the likes of Nick Jonas to get it on store. Nick Jonas is the younger personel on his group he’s very busy man when the time is come for casing a date-line. This is very rare view to see him with bright expression taking along with his basement lowrider.

Jonas Brothers' having agreat time with their chrome and basement  bike
Here we go you can see them the Jonas Brother was having a great day together. Joe Jonas has it different with his elder brother, it is 20” silver chrome frame also it took a 14” in for tire it makes the bike quite cute and stupendous. He didn’t apply more accessories on the bike it should easy for him to buy them ant plant it on the bikes. It means that Joe isn’t mood enough to make it classier, he need it just for ride.

Jonas Brothers' having agreat time with their chrome and basement  bike
Well, in a couple days I will write some articles about the basement/custom lowriders I don’t even know where to start but I came to any groupies in my country to grasp any ideas to be planted in my notes. This kind of lowrider had it similarity with limo style, you already know that those were so elite bike I guess, assuming there will be next time to write them all including a pictures to help you compare it out, I think I will soon confirm you all about it later.


Written by qtechmaria

August 31, 2009 at 2:52 pm