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Little Obama’s Bikes

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May be not all of you will notice that this president of united states had a bunch of people who loved him so badly. There were some people talking about him once he raised up as a President, the media tried seeking and studying his past life until he becomes the number one man in US. This scene is so ironic thing. As long as they (The Media) treat it as a precious news it will be aftered until they got it. So I’m trying to act like those medias lol, although I just sat here surfing on website one by one it won’t let me lose to them and what I provided is something about biking, cycling.

Little Obama's Bikes lowrider cruiser bicycle
Do you really know this kid, lol I just can’t believe it once my sister told me that this sweet kid was little Obama The President of United States, it will be valuable picture.


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October 5, 2009 at 9:36 am

lowrider bikes frame 14" Old School

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lowrider bikes frame 14 lowrider bikes frame 14

lowrider bikes frame 14 lowrider bikes frame 14

A tiny lowrider like shown in the picture is usually used for kid rider, so you guy the teenagers not to look down on the kids. They are totally wanted to show up their bikes, although not even near the real one. Don’t you know that this frame is very rare to get, you can’t now find such frame on stores I bet you’re not gonna found it. So it is not so surprise that once you finally found the frame, it will be cost more even it equals to lowrider bikes 20″ and might be more expensive. They deserves it, they do have their own worlds with the bikes. If you really want to know the parts to build your own style, check them out on lowrider bike parts.

Written by qtechmaria

August 5, 2009 at 12:14 pm