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Bendable Bicycles

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 Bendable Bicycles

Sometimes something that is often seen, can make an interesting creation and unreal impressions. Similarly with the concept of a bike for this one, if you remember the lock, or chain used to lock the door lock objects, etc., now the concept is applied to the bicycle. With a model like this allows the bike can be tied up with something let’s say a utility pole, or other phone, Kevin Scott’s design is a bit weird but still interesting and necessary to try. I can see that this bike is really very secure, from the people who are irresponsible. So let’s see how this bike works.

 Bendable Bicycles Bendable Bicycles Bendable Bicycles

 Bendable Bicycles

So this is about the bike will be visible, flexible, and I bet that this bike was definitely very light. I have not been informed how much the price of this bike yet. [linkz]


Written by qtechmaria

September 5, 2010 at 3:12 am