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Cruiser Bicycle Size Guide

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Cruiser bicycle can be measured from the following ways. The first is the outer diameter tires (a). Most adults have a diameter of 26″ bicycles.

The second measurement refers to the size of the frame from crank to seat clamp (b). In other words, a long tube seat post top to bottom. These measurements are generally 19″ for men and 17″ for women’s  bicycle. This measurement is less common and varies depending on the manufacturer. to help you choose the most appropriate Cruiser Bicycle, we provide the following table to get a cruiser bicycle size that fits for you.


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May 21, 2011 at 5:32 pm

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How to Buy a Beach Cruiser Bicycle

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Girls 20Beach cruiser bicycle is the perfect bike to ride with ease. Bicycles are designed to allow the rider to sit more upright, without having to lean forward toward the handlebar, which greatly reduces the stress on your lower back. Bicycles are not made to be driven at high-speed, this bike is a bike that can be enjoyed.

Single Speed or Multi Speed?
One of the first things to consider is where will you ride the bike, and what type of area will you meet? If you will be on flat terrain and on the sand lots, with no desire to drive very fast for long periods of time, we will suggest a single-speed cruiser. It is very simple, and has a basis for stopping coaster brake. Since there is no teeth to move, there are not many opportunities for sand can cause problems on the way up on the beach. This is the type of bike you can ride and ride, without ever thinking about shifting gears.

How to Buy a Beach Cruiser Bicycle

For those of you in the hilly terrain, or if you need to drive long distances, you might want to consider some speed bicycle. Most of the cruiser bike with some gears have between three and seven speeds. Basically, the more gears, the more options you have to pedal efficiently. At the speed of three, you will have a low speed, medium and high. If you go up into the hills and has a hard time paddling, you can move to a lower gear, so it’s easier pedaling. The same thing applies when you are pedaling very easily and want to go faster, shift into top gear and the resistance will increase, but you will get more “bang on your feet” so to speak. A six-or seven-speed bike operates in much the same way and have the possibility of even more. Most of the cruiser bike we carry have the shifter panel, which means the shift mechanism is part of the section in the palm of the hand, and all you do is twist the grip to switch speeds.

Aluminum or Steel?
Where you live can play an important role in selecting the type of bike that will suit you best. If you are near the coast, where the salty ocean air rolls in, you may want to consider a bike with aluminum because aluminum is more resistant to rust than steel. Steel frame is slightly heavier than aluminum, but traditionally provide a little smoother ride than aluminum because of stiffness aluminum. If your bike will be kept outside most of the time, and you’re near the ocean, we would recommend a bike with aluminum rims with alloy.

Rims either steel or alloy (aluminum). Aluminum rims provide a better braking surface, especially when wet than steel, and stainless steel grille gives good strength. The rims also mix a little lighter and more resistant on rust than steel. You will find that there is more aluminum on the bike, the higher the price will occur, as the alloy material is more expensive than steel. For bicycle with coaster brakes, and no handbrakes, alloy steel braking surface vs. will not apply.

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Finding the right parts for your custom bicycles

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custom bicycles tips

Bicycling is a sport that not everyone likes, exploring the streets in the city or do a tour of the countryside perhaps it is a great way to spend their free time. If you want to do more real adventure, you can occasionally travel to the mountains using your mountain bike. There are some cyclists who do a lot of ways to eliminate the boredom of his bike so that it becomes more exciting, in particular by doing a custom to the bicycle, generally it is called a custom bike.

custom bicycles tips

Custom bicycle is an appearance of the bike which has been modified by the owner himself. A bicycle as this is introduced of the 19th century and with this bicycle quickly became popular because it’s much easier to ride and one more thing that the bike became a common means of transportation used to distribute an important information.

Types of bicycles as it is very important for those who love it. Changing handlebar model or applying some additional components that are unique. The use of color is generally done for a few custom bicycles that can make them appearance more visible and beautiful. In addition, enthusiasts bicycles usually enhance their bicycles with frames that according to them durable and solid as aluminum, titanium carbon, or steel. These materials facilitate the construction of safe and functional bicycle frames. Many cyclist are using steel for the frame to make the bike looked strong. But some others chose aluminum as a substitute because it is lighter and has a proven performance framework is shorter age.

Each type of custom bike frames have advantages and disadvantages that define the owner desires. Of course, this custom bicycle does not pass the basic shape and configuration of a typical bicycle itself. Many details are added and upgraded, but is simply meant to create a better cycling performance.

Many studies have been conducted to find the best material of custom bicycles, but the fact, many new materials that are not practically to use. Most of the time, they are only good in theory and rationally calculation of performance, but did not successfully realize. The main point being considered by many enthusiasts custom bicycles are lightweight and durability. Except for material that can exhibit two characteristics, they will not be able to serve the desire for enthusiasts bicycles and abandoned. Looking for the perfect custom bicycles frame is not difficult. The easiest way is to simply follow the mainstream of what other custom bicycles riders to use. It will not take other painful actions to do so.

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Lowrider Bikes Can Be Good For Mountain Biking? I Don’t think so

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Guys, I think you should read this, I’ve no idea if it works for minority people with their bikes but not for me, this’ gonna make my ass rotten.

Lowrider Bikes Can Be Good For Mountain Biking? I Dont think so

Mountain biking is a form of extreme sport that demands more than average dexterity and strength. The sport is difficult and challenging but what you get is the feeling of literally having conquered the world. But whatever sweet satisfaction you may have, aren’t there times when you sigh and wish that only if the sport was not to tough on you? Well if you feel this way, then there is a solution to it. Try a motorized mountain bike.

With a motorized mountain bike you will experience similar thrills but you will get a little more help on the tough parts like moving up steep hills. And its very easy to make a motorized bike for yourself. Sounds impossible? But its true! You really can build a motorized bike.

The Simple Steps to Some Leg Relief

The first thing to know is that although possessing a motorized mountain bike will increase how much distant you can go and rougher terrain you can tackle, it would not mean doing nothing at all. So dont have the expectation of traveling more than what you already are familiar with.

Be prepared to buy a motor that already has a mounting kit, the expense of which can range between $500 and $800. Also you need an engine sized from 25cc to 49cc and some of the best manufacturers are Mitsubishi, Honda and Komatsu. If you get your bike from one of these manufacturers, you can expect nothing better, rest assured.

You will see several engines made particularly for bikes, enabling easy installation and navigation. Once the engine is placed, follow the installation procedures and you are ready. It will only take a few hours, so relax!

Where to Find One?
Be certain that you look into every available option when you go in search of a motor for your bike. Meaning that you should make sure to scour not only all the stores in your locality, but also similar stores in cities around your area and then some more, in order to see what options those stores may have available. Check all the available options before making a purchase. This means going out to as many stores as possible within your vicinity and in your knowledge.

Also, online stores are another option these days. Reputable websites, like e-bay, give discounts. Take care when you purchase online and finish your homework because this may save you a lot of money when buying over the virtual counter. You will find a lot better prices on the internet than at your neighborhood brick and mortar store.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1146781

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Cool Equipments For Your Bike

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It a good thing you complement your bike with something that will be needed when you ride a bike. Many things happen when we would ride a bike, let’s say want to bring a book, when it rains, bringing drinks etc.. So things like this that should be noted to gain comfortable when biking. Consider what will you need when riding a bike, let’s take a look :

1. Frame Bag
This bag is compatible with any form of the classic bicycle frame, horizontal shape and can be contained even up to A4 paper size of a laptop. See more info.

2. iPhone Bike Mount
Simplify your self when it goes to ride, do not make cycling to limit your personal life“, well I think this is an appropriate slogan for the picture below. GoRide simplify your iPhone to be attached on the bike, and I assume that you put it on a smooth road. [info]

3. Bottle Clip
Very simple bottle holder can be placed on the frame front and on any bike, can be screwed directly into the clip. [info]

4. Coffee Cup Holder
For connoisseurs of coffee in the morning or evening, these tools must be owned, named Ring-O-cup Coffe Star bicycle was created by Paul Kweton, this same tool that supports the glass of coffee or tea on the right handler, is very practical and easy to do. [info]

5. Bike Cargo Trailer
Trailer is easy to carry anywhere, even when you want to lead your bike. This trailer is attached to your bicycle seat. [info]

6. Air Pump Bike Light
PUYL is a bicycle pump and portable light combined in one device. [info]

7. Book Holder
Suitable for all terrain, and very practical when used, simply place your book in the buffer, and done.[info]

 8. Bicycle iPod Speaker
Protable speaker systems that can be connected with your ipod, wherever you ride is always comfortable to listen to music.[link]

9. Wooden Handlebar
Workerman handlebars are all handcrafted out of quality hardwood. [info]

10. Wheel Display System
MonkeyLectrics allows you to display many image on your bicycle rim, many people who wear this at night, now your turn. [info]

11. Bike Porter
Styllish basket and directly attached to the bike handler. [info]

12. Umbrella Mount
As an umbrella function is the simple method used to escape the rain, it’s a drybike mount the name of its tool. [infos]

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The guide 700c tire pressure

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As the increasing number of people using 700C rim for commuting, the more questions like “how hard the tires should be pumped?” well, the smaller the tire, the tire pressure even higher. it will be difficult to explain the physics, the calculation of tire pressure, which is obtained from its user manual Maxxis, which can be translated as follows:

Rear Tire Pressure
Tire Width = 20c: Pressure(psi) = (0.33 * Rider Weight in lbs) + 63.33
Tire Width = 23c: Pressure(psi) = (0.33 * Rider Weight in lbs) + 53.33
Tire Width = 25c: Pressure(psi) = (0.33 * Rider Weight in lbs) + 43.33
Tire Width = 28c: Pressure(psi) = (0.33 * Rider Weight in lbs) + 33.33
Tire Width = 32c: Pressure(psi) = (0.17 * Rider Weight in lbs) + 41.67
Tire Width = 37c: Pressure(psi) = (0.17 * Rider Weight in lbs) + 26.67

Front Tire Pressure = 90% x Rear Tire Pressure
for example, such as weight 68kg, if converted into pounds mean 150lbs. tires that I use 700x28c size. the pressure becomes:

Rear Pressure (psi) = (0.33*150) +33.33 = 82.83psi
Front Pressure = 90% x 82.83psi = 74.55psi

please count, do not let the small size but the tire pressure is less. snakebite fit commuting, annoying … especially if it does not bring in a spare tire, or bring a spare inner tubes Presta but her nipple and does not carry a mini pump. That sucks. big time. believe me. For more details here

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Suggested tools for Newbies, for custom builds or restorations!

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I just wanted to post a list of tools to help others get started making there own bikes or working on their own bikes. I had no tools when I started so I had to do a lot of shopping and this list is a lot of what I picked up. You may or may not need these tools to make a bike but all will help in some way.

Do not feel like you need all these tools to start you really do not! you just need a couple of tools like a good Angle Grinder and a Welder! but more tools never hurt anyone!

Safety comes first I would not skip anything in this list!


* Safety Goggle/Face Shield
* Work Gloves
* Welding Helmet (Auto-Darkening is a plus)
* Welding Gloves
* Ear Protection for high noise

Basic things you will need for your Angle Grinder. Many people recommend having more then one Angle Grinder so you will not have to keep changing your discs all the time. If you can pick them up cheap I would get at lest two.

[Angle Grinder]

* Heavy Duty 4-1/2″ Angle Grinder
* Grinding Wheels for Metal
* Cut-off Wheels for Metal
* 60 Grit Flap Discs

A good drill helps to drill all them holes you will need!


* 1/2″ Heavy Duty Drill
* Drill Bits for metal up to 1/2 inch

you will need to pick a welder based on how you want to weld there are so many options out there I recommend searching the forums for more information on welding before you go out and buy one.


* 80 Amp Inverter Arc Welder/90 Amp Flux Wire Welder (Welder is your choose look around the forums for more information)
* Welding Helmet (Auto-Darkening is a plus)
* Welding Gloves
* Straight Chipping Hammer
* Wire Stainless Steel Brush
* 6013 Welding Rod (If using a stick welder)

Bike tools to help you take a part bikes and put them back together.

[Bike Tools]

* Spoke Wrench
* Chain Tool
* Tire Levers
* Crank Tool
* Cassette Tool

Other tools all optional but they all have there uses.

[Other Tools] (Optional)

* Adjustable Wrenchs
* Metric/SAE Wrench Sets
* Ratchet Set
* Screw Drivers
* Hex Wrench Set
* Ball Pen Hammers
* Hacksaw
* 4″ Swivel Vice or larger
* Vice Grips
* Clamps
* Round Metal File
* Tape Measure
* Muli-Square
* Angle Square

I hope someone finds this helpful.
Peace Crazy Horse!

Thanks to all the people who have helped & continue to help me figure out what I would need!

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