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Lowrider contest in Kudus Indonesia

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Lowrider contest in Indonesia

We proud to announce you guys that there will be lowrider contest that will be held in Kudus Indonesia. this is the right shot to prove your existence. Here I’ll text you the info and the poster.

Class About to be Contested :

  • Radical CustomĀ  / 20′
  • Street CustomĀ  / 20′
  • 20+ =(24/26/limo)
  • Chopper

Class of Winner :

  • The Best in Moment
  • The Best Radical
  • The Class

May, 21 2011
At Auditorium UMK Kudus
at 08.00 – 17.00

Lowrider contest in Indonesia

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May 10, 2011 at 11:12 am

The Royal Electra Bicycle to Willian and Kate

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The Royal Electra Bicycle to Willian and Kate

The Royal wedding that being held today very spectacular, why is that happen, you can see there are many people eager to attend the ceremony, not only that, but the developers all around the world is compete to produce something new, just like Schwinn bicycle, there are two of bicycle that really suit for them both William and Kate. For royal wedding gifts we thought a Ticino 1 in Nimbus Grey for Willy, and an Amsterdam Royal 8i in Pearl White for Miss Kate would be the bees knees.


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April 29, 2011 at 2:25 pm

Lowrider Bikes Can Be Good For Mountain Biking? I Don’t think so

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Guys, I think you should read this, I’ve no idea if it works for minority people with their bikes but not for me, this’ gonna make my ass rotten.

Lowrider Bikes Can Be Good For Mountain Biking? I Dont think so

Mountain biking is a form of extreme sport that demands more than average dexterity and strength. The sport is difficult and challenging but what you get is the feeling of literally having conquered the world. But whatever sweet satisfaction you may have, aren’t there times when you sigh and wish that only if the sport was not to tough on you? Well if you feel this way, then there is a solution to it. Try a motorized mountain bike.

With a motorized mountain bike you will experience similar thrills but you will get a little more help on the tough parts like moving up steep hills. And its very easy to make a motorized bike for yourself. Sounds impossible? But its true! You really can build a motorized bike.

The Simple Steps to Some Leg Relief

The first thing to know is that although possessing a motorized mountain bike will increase how much distant you can go and rougher terrain you can tackle, it would not mean doing nothing at all. So dont have the expectation of traveling more than what you already are familiar with.

Be prepared to buy a motor that already has a mounting kit, the expense of which can range between $500 and $800. Also you need an engine sized from 25cc to 49cc and some of the best manufacturers are Mitsubishi, Honda and Komatsu. If you get your bike from one of these manufacturers, you can expect nothing better, rest assured.

You will see several engines made particularly for bikes, enabling easy installation and navigation. Once the engine is placed, follow the installation procedures and you are ready. It will only take a few hours, so relax!

Where to Find One?
Be certain that you look into every available option when you go in search of a motor for your bike. Meaning that you should make sure to scour not only all the stores in your locality, but also similar stores in cities around your area and then some more, in order to see what options those stores may have available. Check all the available options before making a purchase. This means going out to as many stores as possible within your vicinity and in your knowledge.

Also, online stores are another option these days. Reputable websites, like e-bay, give discounts. Take care when you purchase online and finish your homework because this may save you a lot of money when buying over the virtual counter. You will find a lot better prices on the internet than at your neighborhood brick and mortar store.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1146781

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April 16, 2011 at 11:58 am

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Old School Three Wheel

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Old School Three Wheel

You know it looks like a junk, but if you can bear it for a moment it will surprisingly being great bike just like what this girl had, three wheels. It is cost $250 call (661)2040311 manny for getting a great deal.

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February 21, 2011 at 1:54 pm

Some Unique and Creative Bicycle

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Hey guys, long time no posting it’s quite troublesome to do two jobs at once, I have to work normally like others and I also have responsibility to maintain this blog, well not too important though but I just want to, ok so this is the first post after about a month the blog isn’t active.

Shoes Bicycle
Well this is may be you guys known it before, I just share and make it easy for my visitor to get informed this picture, I think I’m gonna smile seeing this bike is so well made, I found it on this, so if you wanna see more about this bike just drop by on there, here it is.

Shoes Bicycle

Grocery Box
Technically, the bike is designed to made us easy while bringing the gears or groceries to home, and it explained us that the box is placed right in the middle between your pedals, and it clings on the frame body, easy enough and faster drop to your home, here you’ll got more info about this bike.

bicycle with Grocery Box

Snow Sweeper Bicycle
This is what I call brilliant asshole, it is because of this guy made it easy how to clean the snow that bugging him all the way. Using three wheels bike to strengthen and to make the rider stay balance, I love this idea useful and can be share to others, check out the details.

Circular Bike
Wow, this come another unique bike, so the bike can be can be dismantled and reassembled. What a man, creating such bike, so you can bring it to the center of town and start attracting people who see it, read it more on the maker’s official blog.


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January 21, 2011 at 11:41 am

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Christmas Cruiser 2010

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Christmas Cruiser 2010

Here we go, a very good decor on the cruiser bicycle were you done it on Christmas too. I thought it’s using led spread all over the bike, cute, simple and worthy idea. source

Christmas Cruiser 2010

Christmas Cruiser 2010

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December 28, 2010 at 3:08 pm

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20 Inch Red Lowrider Bikes FOR SALE

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20 Inch Red Lowrider Bikes FOR SALE

Now open for sale 20″ red bike. Do you guys want it..? It’s really splendid look and well taken care, puta good price for the bike, call as soon as possible.

Frame : Local (Domestic)
Springer : Twist
Rims : 68
Tire : Nylon 20×1,75
Seat : Banana
Accessories :
Mirror : 5 triangles Cat Eye
Handy grip
Handler : letter U

Buyer Call : +62 2185565581 (Herza) in Bekasi Indonesia.
Don’t forget check the other pics too on his Facebook.

20 Inch Red Lowrider Bikes FOR SALE

20 Inch Red Lowrider Bikes FOR SALE

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November 9, 2010 at 3:54 am